Wolftank has entered a joint consortium with Bologna public transport operator TPER. Following a public tender, the German group has been selected as operational-industrial partner for TPH2.

The consortium has recently been formed and will be in charge of creating an integrated hydrogen fueling systems for buses. These systems are planned to be installed by 2026.

Wolftank with TPER: an hydrogen-based consortium

Among others, this will support the renewal of Bologna’s public transport fleet with 127 fuel cell buses, as announced by the PTO in December 2022. Bologna is one of the 100 European cities aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 as part of the EU Commission’s mission.

Being more specific, the new entity has been formed by TPER (which holds 51% of the consortium) and HGENERATION Srl, a company from the Italian division of Wolftank (Wolfank Italy). TPH2 will be led by a board of directors composed of five members, three selected by TPER and two by HGENERATION.

In parallel, Wolftank Group successfully placed and completed the capital increase approved in December. The number of shares of the Group was increased to 4,801,504 and the new shares were delivered to the depositories of the subscribers. A total of EUR 5.9 million is now available for further business expansion.

Wolftank says it aims to meet the high demand for temporary mobile hydrogen refueling systems, for example, and is currently developing rental and hire-purchase offers. Around EUR 1 million from the capital increase will be used for this purpose.

Wolftank – TPER: hydrogen bus market rising

“We were able to implement our capital increase successfully and in a very short time. It strengthens our liquidity base and positions us even better for upcoming growth. The market offers great opportunities, particularly in the area of future mobility. With our decades of hydrogen expertise, we have an excellent basis in this sector. With the new funds, we will implement orders such as for hydrogen refuelling systems or e-charging station infrastructure and will invest in our technological lead,” says Peter Werth, CEO of Wolftank Group.


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