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Lion E-Mobility will provide battery packs to Karsan

Lion E-Mobility has achieved a 12 million euros battery pack order from Karsan. It has not been specified on which models Lion battery will be mounted. So far Karsan has been sourcing battery modules from Chinese giant CATL for the e-bus range e-ATA launched in 2021 (and BMW from the shortest in th...



Hübner presents a hydropneumatic suspension at Busworld

“Electric buses have greater range and run more smoothly using chassis systems without compressed”. This is the opinion of Hübner group, that is going to unveil at Busworld Europe in Brussels a hydropneumatic suspension and damping system for chassis without compressed air that provides ...

DC rapid charging solutions: so Kempower at Busworld

Kempower will present its solutions for rapid charging of electric vehicles at Busworld Europe 2023, to be held Oct. 7-12 in Brussels, Belgium. The company’s experts will be present at the event at booth 833a in Hall 8. Kempower offers a DC fast-charging solution with a modular and scalable de...

Ekoenergetyka sets up technology Plug&Charge

Ekoenergetyka unveiled its groundbreaking “Plug&Charge” technology at this year’s Electric Mobility Congress. “Plug&Charge” technology eliminates the need for multiple apps, RFID cards or credit card payments, making EV charging as simple as plugging in and driv...

Sono Motors Solar Bus Kit will be under Busworld’s spotlight

Solar technology company Sono Motors will have its own booth at Busworld Europe for the first time. It will present its latest developments in solar solutions for buses. The focus will be on the Solar Bus Kit, Sono Motors’ complete and efficient solar retrofit solution for buses. Sono Solar Bus Kit ...
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