Keolis Transit America wins a new bus contract in Southern California for the operations of 114 buses, mainly fueled with natural gas (87 vehicles). The contract has begun on 1 October and has a length of 5 years, with the option to extend it for an additional five years.

As of end 2019, 20 per cent of Keolis bus fleet worldwide was running on alternative energy. It means 3.704 vehicles.

keolis transit america

Keolis Transit America, a new contract in San Bernardino County

Keolis Transit America (KTA), Keolis North America’s subsidiary, started operating the Victor Valley network in San Bernardino County, Southern California, for which the contract was awarded by Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) on 13 September 2020. With this new contract, Keolis will carry an additional three million passengers per year and welcome 240 new employees to its workforce. Operating buses, commuter rail, on-demand transport, paratransit and autonomous electric vehicles in the US since 2010, the VVTA contract represents another step in the growth of Keolis’ North American footprint. 

114 buses for Keolis Transit America fleet in San Bernardino

The bus network of Victor Valley, located in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, covers 1,529 km² and features 26 lines and two main transit centres. It encompasses several Southern California towns such as Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Hesperia and Victorville, which are home to a combined total of 450,000 residents, Keolis points out.

Keolis Transit America will operate and maintain a fleet of 114 buses and two vans which will carry over three million passengers per year. The fleet’s two vans and 47 buses are adapted to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility. The buses will be parked and maintained in two depots, located in Hesperia and Barstow. Also three electric buses are part of the bus fleet.

Keolis offers VVTA a data-driven approach to performance management that includes transparent reporting through a visualisation room, used to review the status of operations in real time, and a proprietary Dispatch Control System (DCS) for optimal driver scheduling and vehicle readiness.

Keolis Transit America, innovative mobility in California

Victor Valley Transit Executive Director Kevin Kane stated: “Here at VVTA we look forward to a long and successful partnership with Keolis. VVTA is at the forefront of providing innovative mobility options to the High Desert communities and we feel Keolis is at the forefront of providing professional transit services that will meet and exceed our expectations.” 

Keolis Group International CEO Bernard Tabary said: “We are pleased to partner with VVTA and contribute our expertise in bus operations and maintenance from across the United States and Canada, as well as around the world. And we are particularly proud to have managed the handover in a short time of 17 days. Our aim is to provide Victor Valley residents and visitors with a reliable, safe and on-time service whilst introducing innovations which deliver tangible improvements to the passenger experience.” 


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