Four city buses and twenty taxis from today on are being powered with biomethane produced in a local plant. It’s happening in Bologna: the project is involving public transport company TPER as well as taxi operatore CO.TA.BO. Biomethane comes from Hera Group plant in S. Agata Bolognese and derived from organic and pruning waste.

city buses Bologna

Certified biomethane for TPER buses

Hera plant produces a maximum of 7.5 million cubic metres of biomethane per year (in addition to 20 thousand tonnes of compost destined mainly to agriculture), for a saving equivalent to 6,000 tonnes of oil, according to the figures released by project partners.

The circular process starts from the daily effort of citizens for the correct collection of waste and ends with the supply of a renewable fuel. Every cubic metre of biomethane produced at the S. Agata plant is certified by Bureau Veritas Italia, world leader in inspection, conformity verification and certification services, in accordance with the “National Certification Scheme for Biofuels and Bioliquids”.

TPER, a tender on electric buses is coming soon

TPER is also going to be the first European company to operate LNG buses on public transport network. Manufacturers Industria Italiana Autobus and Scania in fact will supply 31 city buses and 15 intercity buses respectively. We already reported about the Interlink LD LNG ordered by the Italian public transport company to Scania. Delivery are expected to begin this autumn. And TPER claimed it’s going to held a tender for 5 methane-hybrid buses. Also a tender in three lots on electric buses is going to be published by Bologna public transport company.

TPER enters the LNG era with Industria Italiana Autobus and Scania