Valeo has chosen the stage of Bus2Bus in Berlin, scheduled for April 24-25, to introduce to the market the latest “E-Cooler” battery cooling system, the new “Thermo HV” high-voltage heating unit for electric buses and the S120 and S200 SPumps.

E-Cooler, with a maximum cooling capacity of 10 kW, enables a wide range of battery temperature management applications. As needed, E-Cooler protects the battery from overheating during charging and discharging, cools it when traveling at higher outside temperatures, and when the load is high. An additional heating function also heats sensitive batteries, if necessary, to restore the optimal temperature range. Valeo technologies ensure the right air flows while minimizing energy consumption and using recoverable energy.

In addition, Valeo will also unveil a high-voltage heater for electric buses that uses an integrated control unit to continuously regulate heat output by controlling water outlet temperature, limiting maximum heating power and energy consumption. Thanks to this function, the Thermo HV high-voltage heater, which has been in series production since June 2023, can be actively integrated into the vehicle’s heat management system, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the system. With a voltage range of 450-850 VDC, the Thermo HV provides a consistently high heating power of 12kW. The 12kW/800V model is unrivaled. It is also compatible with CAN protocol and transmits important operating data to the vehicle system via an intelligent diagnostic function.

The SPump S120 and S200, also on display at the Valeo stand atu Bus2Bus, are the best solution for almost all applications with cooling or heating circuits in the vehicle interior or for components such as batteries. The versions with PWM and CAN have variable speed control, save energy, reduce noise emissions and always provide excellent performance required for electrically powered vehicles. They are the lightest and most compact circulators of their kind within the product family. With an extended ambient temperature range of up to 95°C and maximum reliability, the SPump is the best solution for water pumps in comfort applications and component cooling worldwide.


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