e-Bus front independent axle is the latest add in the product portfolio of BRIST, a supplier of axles, suspensions and gearboxes based in Montichiari (Italy) with lot of activities going on in the electric BRT, mini and midi bus sphere. Their references include well-known EV manufacturers such as Hyundai, Alexander Dennis, Karsan, Anadolu Isuzu, Arrival and CRRC.

At Busworld Europe 2023 in Brussels they unveiled their own Corner e-Drive electric axle, aimed at increasing the efficiency, balance and structure of electric vehicles.

BRIST in 2023: Corner e-Drive and e-Bus front independent axle

Now, at short time distance from Brussels’ expo, it’s time for the launch of a brand new project, the result of a research and development process driven by the assumption of bus mass center moving to the front of the bus in case of electric-born vehicles (as a consequence, for instance, of having batteries on the front part of the roof). 

The new front independent axle by BRIST represents a 9 ton (20,000 lbs)-capable variant of the BRIST-made IFS, which is based on patented T-joint carrier geometry and has capacity for 8.2 ton. Its core values, speaking of IFS, consist in the compact design in vertical direction, with low spring position and a maximum steering angle of 56°. Large spring points reduce the need for anti-roll bar, BRIST states. The company adds that this components is 7% lighter than the best competitor. 

Well, coming to the brand new 9 ton variant, it’s a product developed with the next generation e-buses in mind. It’s 6% lighter than competitors, thanks to savings of 30 kg. BRIST claims it allows “by far the widest gangway in the market with 1,064 mm”. Series production is expected to begin in 2025.

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