CATL is going to supply LFP batteries to European leading electric bus manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach. The bus builder will benefit from CATL Cell to Pack (CTP) technology, CATL points out in a press note. In the bus segment, CATL is already into agreement with Quantron and VDL. CATL is today the largest battery manufacturer in the world.

CATL Cell to Pack technology for Solaris

By removing the conventional module parts, the CTP technology increases the battery energy density and payload of the e-bus, making it a perfect option for sustainable city transportation. 

Solaris ranked first in the zero-emission bus market in 2021 in Europe. Starting co-operation with CATL, Solaris will extend its offer by new battery solutions available in its vehicles. At the moment, the manufacturer offers two battery options: NMC-based modules Solaris High Energy for overnight vehicles and LTO modules (under the domain Solaris High Power) for buses equipped with pantograph. It is unclear whether CATL LFP batteries will be a third choice or will be replacing other options.

“This co-operation will extend CATL’s global commercial vehicle electrification network and accelerate the electrification transition of commercial vehicles worldwide, thus contributing to the global drive for e-mobility and carbon neutrality”, the Chinese suppliers adds.


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