Coolers for electric motors, high-voltage ventilation systems, and high-voltage coolant heaters for batteries and passenger compartments. These are the products Borgwarner brought to Brussels at the 26th Busworld Europe.

Intercell eCoolers for electric vehicles are cold plates to cool battery cells: thermal management of battery cells is critical to improve performance and durability; to achieve this goal, BorgWarner has developed cooling systems characterized by excellent coolant distribution, leading to homogeneity and low thermal resistance and pressure drop.

Intercell eCoolers Borgwarner

So, the High Voltage eFan System: BorgWarner offers a complete 800 V system solution consisting of cooling fan, electric motor, and inverter, a solution designed to cool components such as the fuel cell, traction motor, electric brake, or battery pack in battery or fuel cell electric vehicles.

So, high-voltage coolant heaters for battery and passenger compartment heating. Advantages of the system? Extremely compact modular design with high thermal power density; fast response time (heating/cooling) due to low thermal mass and high efficiency; small package size and weight; long service life: thick-film heating elements 15,000 hours and more; highly flexible power concept and coolant connector (location/type); alternative with 800 V to enable fast charging.


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