Eberspaecher is ready to unveil at Busworld Europe 2023 the new AC138 EVO a rooftop system designed specifically for hybrid and battery-electric buses.

The AC138 EVO achieves low energy consumption during heating and cooling thanks to Eberspaecher’s patented heat pump technology. It works by reversing the air circuit instead of the refrigerant circuit, thus greatly simplifying the latter. This allows refrigeration system components to be optimized for only one function at a time, increasing efficiency. All the complexity is handled by software, which adjusts the air flaps. This results in an overall weight reduction of up to 50 kg. In addition, the integrated exhaust air function allows energy to be recovered from the outgoing air. Independent control of the air flaps ensures optimal temperature regulation in the passenger compartment by mixing ambient and indoor air. Eberspaecher will be the first to introduce the system with the environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant, R744. The natural refrigerant is much more environmentally friendly and safer than chemical alternatives.

One system, multiple possibilities for use

Eberspaecher offers the system in two different sizes for different applications. The touring bus variant features a reduced height of 250 mm and an aerodynamic design. The more compact version for city buses impresses with a height of 415 mm and a short length of only 2.8 m. The formats do not differ in terms of performance. Both have a cooling output of 35 kW and a thermal output of 24 kW and weigh 325 kg. The AC138 EVO will enter series production for a major international manufacturer’s all-electric city bus from 2025. In addition, the thermal management system is suitable for vehicles with combustion engines without an electric drive module.


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