Polish charger supplier Ekoenergetyka has been awarded PLN 741 million loan (around 170 million euros) agreement with Bank Pekao S.A. to finance the company’s further dynamic growth in the European market.

Ekoenergyka wins loan of 170 million euros

In the first period, the company will receive financing in the amount of PLN 691 million. The agreement provides for an increase in the amount of the loan to PLN 741 million, upon fulfillment of certain conditions, Ekoenergetyka says.

The loan agreement provides for the possibility of structuring financing in the first year of cooperation under the Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL) formula, which makes the cost of the loan contingent on meeting sustainability indicators.

Ekoenergetyka launched a new production line this month. The company plans to further automate the line, introducing industrial robots for some elements of the production process. The investment in the new line is part of a strategic plan to increase production capacity and meet the growing demand for electric car chargers in the European market.

After amassing a 20% share of the market for municipal bus charging stations in Europe according to company’s figures, Ekoenergetyka says it has “set its sights on the market for charging EV private cars“.

Reference customers include France’s largest operator RATP Paris, Germany’s BVG Berlin, VHH Hamburg, Spain’s TMB Barcelona, the largest operator in all of Scandinavia Nobina, and PKN ORLEN, Ionity and Powerdot.

Ekoenergtyka, focus on electric car market

Ekoenergetyka recently announced the world premieres of its latest fast charging station solutions: Axon Easy 400kW and Axon Side 360kW with SAT400 satellites, dedicated to professional charging hubs of major European operators. The company has already completed the first deliveries of these products for Ionita and Orlen Deutschland, among others, and has won further contracts for significant operators in Europe. Ekoenergetyka has been cooperating with many operators for years, including Portugal’s Powerdot, and its products can be found in the parking lots of most supermarkets in Poland.

“The acquired financing will provide the company with the opportunity for further dynamic development both in the area of international expansion across Europe and in the area of planned ambitious investments,” said Bartosz Kubik, co-founder and CEO of Ekoenergetyka.

“We are pleased to be able to develop our cooperation with one of the leaders of the Polish financial market. Since the beginning of our cooperation, Bank Pekao S.A. has supported the company with uncommon commitment, supported and understood the needs of dynamic development hence in a way somehow natural was the decision to choose this Bank as the leader of the process. Taking into account how much interest the financial market has in the sector of electromobility and new technologies sector, in which we are a leader, we believe that the consortium will attract interest from other leading financial institutions,” – added Barbara Wacht, vice chairman of the board.

“Electromobility is our future, and an important factor in its dynamic development is the emergence of adequate infrastructure. We are very pleased that Bank Pekao can contribute to this development by financing a company that has a significant impact on shaping the market for electric vehicle chargers. Importantly, not only the investment objective itself, but also the financing fits into the criteria of sustainable development, as the terms of the loan are linked to the implementation of ESG goals,” says Magdalena Zmitrowicz, deputy CEO of Bank Pekao S.A.

“We are pleased to support such an innovative company as Ekoenergetyka in its international expansion. We see this as the next step in our relationship and already see opportunities for further joint development,” says Dieter Lobnig, head of Investment Banking and Real Estate Finance.


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