Ekoenergetyka announces it will provide up to 140 chargers for electric buses to Nobina, the largest Scandinavian public transportation operator.

Ekoenergetyka will install its Axon Easy 120kW and 180kW chargers at four bus depots in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this year, bringing them on line by January 2025.

Nobina has the largest zero-emission bus fleet in all of Scandinavia and employs 13,000 people in four countries, while Ekoenergetyka claims it provides 20% of Europe’s charging stations for municipal buses.

Ekoenergetyka: 20% of Europe’s charging stations for e-buses

To date, the Polish supplier has implemented several electric bus charging projects in Europe. The largest is in Paris, where Ekoenergetyka has won a tender issued by RATP and is delivering 274 chargers with a total capacity of 24.5 MW. In Munich, Germany, Ekoenegetyka is going to supply charging spots in the purpose-built depot for electric buses, where up to 200 electric buses will find their recovery place. Ekoenergetyka has contracts underway also in Polish capital city Warsaw and Norway

The contract is part of a broader push by Ekoenergetyka into the Nordic region, one of the world’s fastest growing markets for electric vehicles. Within this push, Ekoenergetyka has just established a partnership with GodEnergi to distribute and service its products, expanding its footprint in the Nordic region.

Ekoenergetyka’s expansion drive is backed by Enterprise Investors, a Central European private equity fund, which took a significant minority stake last year. The fund has announced plans to invest more than €45 million in e-mobility projects.

“This contract is an important vote of confidence in Ekoenergetyka, from a major player on a demanding market,” said Ekoenergetyka CEO and Co-Founder Bartosz Kubik. “Our relationship with Nobina is off to a great start, and we’re proud to be working with them as they build the future of sustainable transportation in Stockholm and throughout the Nordic region.”

“We are pleased with the initial results of our relationship with Ekoenergetyka, and we look forward to working closely with them,” said Lisa Sievert, Electrification at Nobina. “Our customers demand high-quality, reliable green transportation, and with Ekoenergetyka we’ve found a partner who can help us deliver.”

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