LG and Impact Clean Power Technology have signed a supply agreement for NCM lithium-ion battery modules.

According to the deal, over the next three years, “LG Energy Solution will deliver around 200,000 units of battery modules manufactured at its Wroclaw plant in Poland to ICPT’s GigafactoryX in Pruszkow, where they will be assembled into battery packs and systems. The supplied batteries will be capable of supporting the manufacture of nearly 3,000 large commercial electric vehicles”.

Nowadays LG’s plant in Biskupice Podgorne (Kobierzyce commune) has a capacity of 70GWh and covers an area of about 100 hectares. Impact is battery provider partner of Solaris and Alexander Dennis. The Polish company sources battery cells from Inobat, according to a previous deal.

ICPT sources battery modules from LG

With the entire process from battery manufacturing to electric bus production taking place in Poland, this deal aims to establish a comprehensive supply chain for Europe’s electric public transportation system. The partnership also signifies the concerted efforts of both companies to drive forward the electrification of Europe.

“Batteries for commercial vehicles like electric buses must withstand a much higher energy flow, up to around 11 times higher than passenger cars, which is why LG Energy Solution will apply NCM chemistry to its batteries to enhance their durability and driving range”, partners state.

“Our partnership with ICPT, a highly trusted battery systems provider for public transportation, presents us an exciting opportunity to introduce our outstanding battery technology to the fast-growing European commercial vehicle market,” said Seungtaek Hong, head of Advanced Automotive Battery OTS Marketing Department at LG Energy Solution. “Capitalizing on our Wroclaw plant, which is the biggest battery manufacturing facility in Europe, we are committed to establishing a robust supply chain in Europe and expediting its transition to sustainable mobility.”

“Our partnership with LG Energy Solution will strengthen our leading battery offering in the bus market. Together, we can provide our customers with exceptional, advanced solutions tailored to the demanding conditions of this market,” said Bartek Kras, Vice President of ICPT. “Considering the strong global demand, this is a significant added value for this sector. This way, we can offer both our current and new customers the highest quality and guaranteed supply assurance.”

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