PEI Mobility participated in the development of the first electric articulated buses manufactured in Brazil and in service in the city of São José dos Campos. These are 22-meter long buses capable of carrying up to 168 passengers.

Fully electric vehicles with a very low environmental impact and equipped with state-of-the-art accessories to ensure maximum comfort, such as USB ports on each seat, installed monitors on the ceiling, radio and speakers. PEI Mobility supplied the bellows assembly and hose guide system, contributing to the realisation of the joint.

PEI Mobility

PEI Mobility, bellows for buses

The bellows was produced with patented “removable bottom” technology that allows easy replacement of the entire bottom part of the bellows including the bends. This ensures great time savings in product replacement and maintenance. The particular extensions were designed following the physiognomy of the bus to give the vehicle a harmonious and clean design. Made with the most advanced materials, bellows feature patented systems that ensure optimum fastening to the carriage body, guaranteeing ultra-smooth movement, greater reliability and increased on-board comfort.

Guides system and cables

In addition, the PEI Mobility’s Energy Guiding System is designed to support all types of cable during the vehicle movements and provides excellent performance. EGS has in fact passed several stringent tests, as well as having some patented components, such as the steel fixing brackets.

Each PEI Mobility component is therefore a guarantee of quality and efficiency, thanks to IATF automotive certification and our constant research and development, which enables us to always find customized and innovative solutions We are proud to have been part of the creation of this urban fleet in Brazil, and we are very happy to have contributed to making transportation in Sao Josè dos Campos more sustainable and comfortable.


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