Amsterdam public transport authority Vervoerregio Amsterdam is ready to invest an extra 235 million euros in the framework of a massive ‘corona package’ that includes investments in road safety, public transport projects, zero-emission bus purchase.

The goal is «to redesign mobility in the region after ‘corona’, make public transport attractive again and stimulate the economy». The Executive Board of the Transport Region has submitted the so-called ‘corona package’ to the Regional Council.

electric buses amsterdam corona

Amsterdam, investments for zero emission bus transport

The corona package is structured as follows: 30 million euros for investments in infrastructure (for 2021), 205 million euros for sustainability, inclusiveness and rush-hour avoidance (2021 and beyond). A large part of the amount will go towards the transition to completely emission-free bus transport, Vervoerregio Amsterdam points out. In addition, the regular investments of approximately 130 million euros per year will be used to make mobility in the region future-proof.

Zero emission buses in Amsterdam’s post Corona era

The Netherlands are leading Europe when it comes to transition of bus fleet to zero emission drivetrains. Currently, about twenty percent of public transport in the Transportation Region is emission-free. As of November 2020, 156 Ebusco vehicles are forecast to be in operation in Schiphol’s area, north of Amsterdam, and in the inner city of Haarlem. And 110 VDL e-buses are operating near the airport since 2018.

Through the ZE program, transition plans are being implemented that will work towards a ninety-five percent ZE system in 2025 and one hundred percent ZE in 2030.
The Transport Region will invest in zero emission buses and associated charging infrastructure in all concession areas. In Amsterdam, for example. There, GVB’s third series of ZE buses will be fully financed and power grid connections and the redevelopment of the IJ side will be provided.

Corona, opportunity to make mobility future-proof

Chairman of Vervoerregio Amsterdam Sharon Dijksma says: “After the corona, our traffic and public transport system will never be the same as it was before. That is not a bad thing. In fact, it is fine. It gives us a unique opportunity to make necessary changes, to make mobility in the region future-proof. Tackling the immense hustle and bustle in the rush hour, really making the move to emission-free transport, tackling dangerous mobility. The ideas were there, but time now calls for action and counter-cyclical investments”


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