The Ebusco 3.0 has been awarded at the Automotive Brand Contest 2020 for the category ‘Commercial vehicles’. In this way, the Dutch electric bus (whose production is set to begin in mid-2020, according to what was stated during the bus launch at Busworld Brussels 2019) joined in the winners’ list brands such as Porsche, Bentley and Volkswagen.

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Ebusco 3.0 crowned at Automotive Brand Contest 2020

The motivation released at Automotive Brand Contest with regards to Ebusco 3.0 electric bus is the following: «Ebusco has developed a true innovative gamechanger in the electric bus industry. The Ebusco 3.0 is a composite bus with a weight reduction of 33% (!) and a range of up to 500 km with one charge. With this new development, Ebusco peers with diesel fuelled buses, without emissions and high fuel costs, but with much higher comfort, better safety and more space for passengers. Immediately after this launch, Ebusco’s branding and reputation exceeded worldwide expectations. Ebusco developed this innovative, fully electric bus with a multifunctional team of key experts, who have earned their spurs in the aerospace, automotive and electronic fields, which have a major focus on composite parts. The bus’s exterior and interior were designed by KesselsGranger DesignWorks.
The first 2 Ebusco 3.0 buses will be on the road in Munich, Germany at the end of this year, and approximately 50 more will follow in Europe from 2021 onwards».

automotive brand contest ebusco

Ebusco 3.0 unveiled at Busworld 2019

The new technologies adopted by Ebusco for the 3.0 electric bus model come from aviation and aerospace industry, the Dutch company says.

The bus largely consists of composite parts. Composite is a combined material made of at least two constituent materials with different physical or chemical properties. This makes the bus 33% lighter than Ebusco 2.2.

The electric bus Ebusco 3.0 features camera mirror system. The batteries placed in the floor allow a lower centre of gravity. The bus, considering the claimed range of 500 km with one charge, is developed only for overnight charging (no pantograph charging will be offered as an option).

13 categories for the Automotive Brand Contest

«The Automotive Brand Contest is the only neutral, international design competition for automobile brands and has emerged as an worldwide important event in the sector – it’s the way the award’s organizers describe the prize -. With the competition the German Design Council honours outstanding product and communication design and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. In this context the focus is on the integral and consistent use of the brand across all media and products».

Awards are given in 13 contest categories and four special categories. The categories cover the entire design spectrum and range from vehicle design and concepts via brand design and multimedia networking through to campaigns and events. As mentioned above, the Ebusco 3.0 received the ‘winner award’ in the Commercial Vehicles category.

The jury is made up of representatives from the media, the design and brand communication sectors and universities.

automotive brand contest ebusco

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