The very first battery-electric buses by Industria Italiana Autobus started operations today in San Donà di Piave, in the north-west of Italy. Carrier? ATVO. The delivery of four Menarini Citymood 12e is part of a procured fleet of 15 e-buses. This will go along the inauguration of the new bus terminal next spring.

the Menarini Citymood 12e, launched in late 2021, is the only standard size battery-electric bus featuring the ‘made in Italy’ label.

The vehicle features a self-supporting steel frame treated with cataphoresis. It’s based on the CNG bus platform and relies on technology providers such as Cummins group for the motor (former Siemens). On the roof there is space for a maximum of 490 kWh of NMC battery modules, inside there is room for around 100 passengers, 40 of those seated.

Commenting on the partnership, Tiziano Gavardini, the commercial director of IIA, stated, “The new vehicles can travel up to almost 500 kilometers, equipped with advanced safety systems and state-of-the-art fire prevention. Safety is a priority for both us and ATVO. Each vehicle can accommodate up to a maximum of 85 people (28 seats).”


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