GreenPower is going to launch the electric school bus Nano Beast claiming a range of up to 150 miles per charge.

The Nano Beast (that stays for: Battery Electric Automotive School Transportation) is a purpose-built, zero-emission, Type A school bus on the market. Manufacturer claims that the Nano Beast will have the largest standard battery pack for a Type A school bus in the market.

GreenPower will begin initial deliveries to its customers in the coming months and anticipates that the pace of these deliveries will increase by the end of the year.

GreenPower Nano Beast electric school bus

GreenPower developed the Nano Beast using its purpose-built flagship EV Star Platform, which has accumulated approximately 200 deliveries throughout North America with deliveries growing every month. This platform has proven its efficiency and reliability in a wide variety of operational settings including paratransit, airport shuttling, micro transit, cargo delivery and vanpool service.

“There are approximately 9,700 new Type A school buses sold every year and approximately 500,000 yellow school buses running across the country.  With state vouchers, federal funding and mandates to go all-electric the Nano BEAST rounds out GreenPower’s school bus product offerings” GreenPower says. Recently also BYD introduced an electric school bus model in North America. Biden administration is actually accelerating on electric school bus front. For instance, New York City pledged to have a full electric school bus fleet by 2035.

The largest form of transportation in the U.S.

“The Nano Beast offers unprecedented levels of safety and reliability for a zero-emission, Type A school bus. We’ve seen the EV Star Platform exceed expectations in other industries, and we look forward to carrying this over into the school bus industry with our proven, unparalleled technology, said GreenPower presidente Brendan Riley. “The school bus industry is the largest form of transportation in the U.S. with more than 25 million students transported daily. Providing school districts and our communities with a safer alternative to diesel-emitting school buses provides tremendous health benefits for our children, especially since NOx exhaust is a trigger of health problems like asthma and other respiratory issues. The move to all-electric options is critical and GreenPower remains committed to providing a better, cleaner and safer transportation future.”

Ryne Shetterly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GreenPower, added, “We are avid supporters of the Federal administration’s school bus electrification goals. The launch of a purpose-built, battery-electric, Type A school bus was a critical next step for GreenPower and the industry.” Shetterly continued, “The development of the Nano BEAST is a monumental achievement, both for GreenPower and for the school transportation industry at large.”


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