Higer 9-meter electric bus Azure 9 has been launched at Busworld as a mid-sized product specially developed for the European market. Highlights? The OEM claims “most modernized appearance, with large low-floor area, high efficiency by low energy consumption, sufficient driving range, intelligence and humanization interiors”. The 12-meter version of the Azure is already marketed in UK by Harris Group.

higer azure 9

Higer Azure 9 e-bus: developed for Europe

The length of Azure 9 ranges from 8.7m to 9m. The whole series are low-floor and pure electric city bus. It can work as an urban city bus, and suitable for suburban transportation, point-to-point connection operation. As an extension of Higer Azure series to the medium-sized products, Azure 9 has different options for the number of passenger seats, which can expand its operation scenarios from urban buses to point-to-point shuttle services such as airport-hotel and suburban short-distance transportation.

The Higer Azure 9 is equipped with new CATL battery, high efficiency motor and intelligence electronic control system. It adopts an integrated high-ceiling design, with all LED lamps.

The 9-meter e-bus is equipped with ACTIA independent instrument which offers the ergonomic working environment for driver. In the passenger compartment with big space, of which standing area is nearly 6 m2.

higer azure 9

The front independent suspension system enables the bus with a turning radius less than 7 meter. Adopting the ECAS system with adjustable & kneeling function enhances the vehicle’s capability in different road conditions and ensures superior travelling experience.

The Higer Azure 9 is equipped with new generation intelligent bus instrument, utilizing CAN bus system for the whole vehicle. With the inclusion of a CAN gateway, the communication quality is significantly improved. Additionally, the vehicle incorporates T-BOX, an advanced bus information detection and sharing system with back-end data transmission, enabling real-time monitoring of current condition of bus through an online platform.


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