At the heart of Ikarus attendance at Busworld is the unveiling of the latest electric bus development, the Ikarus 80e midibus. This compact bus, with a length of 8.5 meters and two doors, boasts independent wheel suspension, accommodating 55 passengers or 18 seated. It features a motor power of 100kW/170kW, 2000Nm torque, and a 281.9 kWh battery.

ikarus busworld 2023

Plans for new generation of 12-meter and articulated bus

The electric midibus is just one element of Ikarus’s 2024 plans. Also showcased at the exhibition are the project plans for the Ikarus 120e version 4 and the Ikarus electric articulated bus, the 180e. Thanks to the latest innovations, these vehicles also feature independent wheel suspension. To support engineers and partners, the company has introduced software solutions facilitating the design of new structural solutions.

“The planned portfolio expansion is expected to enable Electrobus Europe, the arm selling Ikarus buses, to participate in more tenders in the future, with a specific focus on emission-free optimization of urban and small-town public transportation”, the company says.

ikarus busworld 2023

Ikarus e-buses are equipped with components from suppliers such as Knorr, ZF, Bosh, CATL), and ACTIA.

“With innovations touching every aspect of Ikarus, our goal is to make the company more competitive in the future. Our primary focus is on our future partners who can order or lease even small quantities of electric buses tailored to their unique needs. The expansion of our metal structure portfolio is also strategic, as it efficiently supports our business flexibility while preserving our competencies”, says Roland Fehér, CEO, Ikarus.

ikarus busworld 2023


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