Karsan‘s expansion into the Old Continent’s bus (midi and mini bus) market continues. To date, the Turkish manufacturer can boast the presence of 306 full electric vehicles in 16 different European countries; now in the company’s plans there is the intention to double exports in 2022.

Karsan’s plans: from Europe to the USA

Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan, said: “We have reached a turnover of 201 million euros in 2021, 70% of which is attributable to export activities. We want to grow at least two times in electric vehicles. We target the entire market and aim to be one of the top five players in the market. We plan to position the Karsan brand among the top five in Europe and maintain a presence in North America as well.”

Okan Baş

“If we look at the numbers, we doubled our exports in 2021 compared to the previous year. Last year we sold 330 Karsan products in Europe, while the year before it was 147. This includes both conventional and electric vehicles. In 2021, 133 of our electric vehicles joined the fleet in Europe. Since 2019, 306 of our Karsan electric vehicles have toured the world in 16 different countries, mainly in France, Romania, Portugal and Germany”, Baş continued.

“For us, 306 vehicles mean 3 million kilometers of experience. In the past three years, about 345 electric minibuses and buses have been sold from Turkey to Europe. And 306 of them belong to us. This figure, which we have achieved in the last 3 years, represents about 90% of Turkish exports of electric minibuses and buses. This is a major achievement. As one of the leading companies in the Turkish automotive industry, we are proud of our success in exporting our products. We are also the leading brand in Turkey in the development of electric vehicles. To build on our success, we aim to double our exports this year,” concluded Baş.

Karsan Atak Electric


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