Moventis put UNVI’s electric minibus eC24s to testing in late 2023. The eC24s body was presented at the last Busworld and is ready for series production on an electric chassis from the second quarter of 2024, UNVI says in a press note.

This prototype has been developed within the eCIM (e-Connect intelligent Mobility) project, in the framework of the Sustainable Automotive Technology Programme 2021 of the CDTI, a body of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, financed with NextGenerationEU European Funds.

UNVI minibus showed at Busworld

The minibus features versions from 7 metres long and 2.35 metres wide; up to 289 kWh of battery capacity, 200 kW of power output. The vehicle displayed at Busworld has room on board for up to 41 passengers, 12 of whose seated. A 8.3-meter version will follow.

Suppliers? Battery modules are by Polish BMZ, drivetrain is made of in-wheel motors by ConMet (from August 2023 owner of Saietta), UNVI said at Busworld.

What’s new: the 7-meter e-bus provides a luggage compartment in the rear with the goal of offering space for parcel delivery in urban centers.

UNVI new electric minibus tested by Moventis

For the test, which took place at the Moventis site in Vallès Occidental, UNVI selected and replicated some of the most demanding lines that the Moventia division operates.

During these tests, “the eC24s demonstrated its excellent manoeuvrability and its ability to cope with very complex terrain”, Moventis states.

Moventis, the collective mobility division of Moventia, serves today more than 215 million passengers per year with a fleet of 2,374 buses and coaches and 45,000 bicycles on 3 continents. The company is committed to the decarbonisation of its fleet of buses and coaches, progressively renewing its fleets to hybrid, electric and gas models and setting itself the goal of being carbon neutral by 2035.


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