New Flyer has been named partner of choice by a total of 38 transit agencies across the United States for its successful project awards from the Federal Transit Administration’s 2022 Low or No Emission and Buses and Bus Facilities Grant Programs.

In September 2022 New Flyer unveiled its next generation fuel cell bus model Xcelsior CHARGE FC, with fuel cell module from Ballard Power Systems and Siemens ELFA 3 at the driveline. 

New Flyer named partner for over $380 million in grants

New Flyer supported the successful applications for over $380 million in grants awarded to 38 U.S. public transit agencies and was the named partner for two individual agency awards of over $25 million each. This was an increase from the $40 million in Low-No grants awarded to nine U.S. public transit agencies that NFI subsidiaries supported in 2021.

While New Flyer has been named as a partner, new awards will not be added to NFI’s backlog until contract documentation is completed and a formal purchase order is received. New Flyer’s success with Low-No and Buses and Bus Facilities grants provide future backlog growth opportunities, the manufacturer points out.

FTA grants for procurement of zero emission buses

Grant funds support the procurement of ZEBs and the associated charging infrastructure from New Flyer. In addition to those awards where New Flyer is a named partner, almost $800 million of Low-No and Buses and Bus Facilities awards were made to other U.S. public transit agencies that have not yet to select a specific provider. The Company expects these awards to create future bidding opportunities for NFI’s businesses as unique programs are released by agencies, still New Flyer says.

“NFI is proud that subsidiary New Flyer has been selected as the partner of choice for numerous public transit agencies as they look to reduce emissions in their cities through these FTA grant programs” said Chris Stoddart, President, North American Bus and Coach, NFI. “Our success demonstrates NFI’s leadership in low- and zero-emission buses, including our wide range of battery- and fuel cell-electric products and our Infrastructure Solutions offering charging. The growth in these FTA grant programs, from $182 million in 2021 to over $1.6 billion of funding in 2022, is a testament to the strong tailwind of public support that will inevitably transform America into an electric bus future. NFI looks forward to continuing to lead the evolution to zero-emission mobility— what we call the ZEvolution.”


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