Nordens’s largest bus operator, Nobina, has placed an order for 55 electric regional buses from Solaris. These buses are slated for service in the Stockholm region under the supervision of SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik), the public transport authority in the area. The 15-meter-long three-axle low-entry buses, designated as Class II, are scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of the upcoming year. The news is reported on Swedish trade media

solaris 15 electric stockholm nobina

55 15-meter e-buses for Stockholm

The specific buses in question are the Solaris Urbino Electric 15 LE, launched in late 2020 and tailored to meet the requirements of both SL and Nobina. The bus was developed with a specific focus on the Scandinavian market. These vehicles are equipped with a 560 kWh battery pack, feature depot charging capabilities, and are powered by an electric TSA central motor. A wheelchair ramp is included at the middle door for enhanced accessibility.

According to the information released when the model was launched, the Solaris Urbino Electric 15 LE is the first in Solaris’ history realized having in mind only the battery-electric drive. It can fit up to 65 seats with amenities such as USB chargers, reading lamps or armrests. A max of 105 passengers can be hosted on board.

David Tyrenius, CEO of Solaris Sweden, is reported on Bussmagasinet as saying: “We consider it a mark of quality to gain Nobina’s trust to supply 55 electric regional buses to Stockholm. Solaris has worked closely with Nobina to develop customized vehicles for this project.”

solaris 15 electric stockholm nobina


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