Solaris has launched its first electric intercity bus. The Urbino 15 Low Entry Electric, launched today during an online event, is based on a platform designed only for electric technology. It can be deployed both in Class I and Class II routes.

The vehicle will be tested in regular operations for the first half of the 2021. The Urbino 15 LE electric is already in the producer’s offer. «We are ready for production of the new model and its sale at any time. We are already submitting the first bids for this model in tenders», Solaris points out. The first vehicle will be operating in Norway soon, said Petros Spinaris, Deputy CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach.

solaris electric intercity bus

Up to 65 seats on the Solaris electric intercity bus

The vehicle, the first in Solaris’ history realized having in mind only the battery-electric drive, can be equipped with two or three doors. It can fit up to 65 seats with amenities such as USB chargers, reading lamps or armrests. A max of 105 passengers can be hosted on board.

The Solaris Urbino 15 Low Entry Electric is equipped with Solaris High Energy+ batteries (launched at Busworld 2019 and manufactured by BMZ for Solaris), with a total capacity of 470 kWh. Six battery packs will find their place on the bus (roof and rear). The bus can be equipped also, optionally, with pantograph system. Charging power will be up to 260 kW with plug-in technology (a novelty made possible thanks to liquid-cooling technology) and up to 540 kW with pantograph.

solaris electric intercity bus

What is also very interesting is that the 15-meter e-bus from Solaris will host, for the first time, the ZF-made central electric motor CeTrax, which delivers 300 kW. The driveline will be moved to the second (middle) axle of the vehicle. In order to reduce the use of energy to a minimum, the manufacturer will implement SiC technology in the bus propulsion area.

Javier Calleja, CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., commented during the premiere: «The world is changing. More and more cities are releasing climate-related policies. In any scenario you can consider the future of mobility, public transport will remain a key pillar. And this is a great challenge for the bus industry. We at Solaris are focused on electric transport and we’ll keep doing so. Our e-bus range is the widest on the market. Today we have a range from 9 to 24 meter».

solaris electric intercity bus

Solaris electric intercity bus, focus on safety

The infrastructure of the vehicle has been designed in line with ITxPT standards. Three large screens created by Solaris engineers shall ensure legible information for passengers. What is more, the Urbino 15 LE electric is fully adapted to be integrated with the company’s own remote fleet management system, dubbed eSConnect, which ensures full telemetry, data analysis and the servicing of defects that have already appeared, as well as some episodes that might emerge in the near future.

The interactive driver’s panel with touch screens combines many advanced security functions. Starting with warnings advising the fastening of seatbelts, automatically switched on lights and windscreen  wipers, wide-angle cameras in lieu of side mirrors that ensure excellent visibility, and ending with the active driver assistance system Mobileye Shield+. These innovative solutions render the problem of so-called blind spots void for all times. What is more, the Mobileye Shield+ notably lowers the risk of direct collisions with pedestrians and vehicles, by detecting their presence around the vehicle and notifying the driver about them using audio and visual alerts.


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