Solaris is using the opportunity of Mobility Move 2024 in Berlin to present a new version of its best-seller, i.e. the Solaris Urbino 12 electric bus featuring an innovative propulsion design and new batteries providing “an impressive range”, the OEM states.

At the same expo MAN is putting a focus on autonomous driving and Daimler Buses is exhibiting the 12-meter version of the fuel cell eCitaro.

At Busworld 2023 Solaris launched the articulated version of the Urbino electric featuring up to 800 kWh batteries.

Solaris launches Solaris 12-meter e-bus with new battery

The modular drivetrain has allowed the company to forgo an engine tower. This, in turn, has made it possible to arrange all the components on the roof more effectively as well as to enhance the passenger compartment. The new Urbino 12 electric bus can fit up to as many as 41 seats, which is 7 more compared to the previous version. The total passenger capacity now amounts to 100 people (for 300kWh batteries is countries such as Italy, France and Spain – giving a GVW of 20t).

The new Solaris Urbino 12 electric on display in Berlin has been equipped with new-generation batteries boasting a high energy density. The manufacturer says it offers carriers different configurations of battery capacity, all of which are roof-mounted. The bus showcased at the trade fair features six batteries mounted on the roof, with a total capacity of over 600 kWh. This configuration guarantees ranges of over 600 km, Solaris states.

The Urbino 12 electric bus fulfils all safety standards, including new GSR2 and cybersecurity requirements that will enter into force in July 2024 for newly-registered vehicles.


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