Solaris Bus & Coach is presenting two electric vehicles at the 16th International Fair of Public Transport – Transexpo, to be held from 12th to 14th October 2022 in Kielce: the flagship electric model of the manufacturer – Urbino 12 electric, and the articulated Urbino 18.75 electric, both featuring new-generation batteries.

520 kWh on the 12-meter Urbino!

The Urbino 12 electric on display stands out due to its new-generation, high-capacity batteries – of over 520 kWh. Solaris High Energy batteries with similar parameters guarantee a driving range of around 300 km in diverse road and weather conditions, manufacturer says.

solaris transexpo 2022

The energy storage systems can be charged using one of the two plug-in sockets, one placed above the wheel arch, and another one at the front of the vehicle. The bus features an electric axle with two integrated electric motors of 125 kW each (by ZF). The propulsion system was manufactured using energy-saving SiC technology.

Interior features many comfortable solutions for urban passengers: a comprehensive passenger information system, USB charging ports and LED lamps, including elegant, blue lighting switched on at night. A comprehensive video surveillance system and solutions to assist the driver ensure the highest safety standards. The MobilEye Shield+ system warns the driver if there is a bicycle, motorcycle or a pedestrian in the driver’s blind spot. Completely redesigned mirrors, or better said cameras, display the picture on the screens in the vehicle, which translates to excellent visibility, even in unfavourable weather conditions, in the rain or at dusk. The bus is also equipped with a dusk sensor.

There are 26 passengers’ seats aboard the bus, and nearly half of them are accessible from the low floor.

138 passengers on Solaris Urbino 18.75

The second vehicle presented by Solaris at Transexpo 2022 is the articulated electric bus that was extended to 18.75 metres. This articulated Urbino vehicle is the second most popular bus among Solaris electric solutions. The vehicle displayed in Kielce this year is the first 4th generation model with extended body of 18.75 metres.

The bus is locally emission-free, and its 240 kW central traction motor ensures smooth acceleration and silent operation, manufacturer stresses. The increased bus interior provides for optimal driving range and higher passenger capacity. The vehicle is equipped with high-capacity batteries of over 520 kWh. At the same time, due to its longer body, the vehicle boasts three bays for wheelchair-bound passengers and 138 passengers, in which 41 seated aboard the bus.

solaris transexpo 2022

Similarly to the 12-metre bus, also here the manufacturer paid attention to a very well equipped interior to ensure comfortable and safe journey for passengers. In addition to the MobilEye system and cameras that replaced classic mirrors, the driver can use wide-angle cameras that deliver the 360 degree bird’s eye view. This ensures an even higher safety and comfort to the driver. Besides, the bus is equipped with the dusk and rain sensor, as well as an automatic device to detect driver’s fatigue.

The bus presented this year was designed to operate in the most severe weather conditions and is equipped with a special Scandinavian thermal insulation package. It consists of such solutions as additional insulation of the side walls and roof as well as of the chassis around the wheel arches, double-glazed side windows and heating mats installed in the floor, in the door area. It improves passengers’ thermal comfort and decreases energy consumption on frosty days. In addition, snow chains can be installed on the Urbino 18.75 electric bus, as these are often part of the standard equipment of city buses in Scandinavia.

It is worth mentioning that the Urbino 18.75 electric bus is one of 183 similar units ordered by carrier Unibuss AS from Oslo. This has been so far the biggest order for Solaris articulated electric buses.

solaris transexpo 2022


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