Today was the first day on the road for the first Solaris Urbino electric buses ordered by MPK Poznań. Ordered last December, they were included in regular line traffic today.

The inauguration of new vehicles was attended by, among others Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of Poznań (some 20 km far from Solaris headquarter in Bolenchowo), Wojciech Tulibacki, CEO of MPK Poznań and Javier Calleja, CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

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A total of 21 electric buses to Poznań

In line with the contract signed between MPK Poznań transport operator and Solaris Bus & Coach, a total of 21 Solaris electric buses will be delivered to Poznań. 15 of them are Solaris Urbino 18 electric articulated vehicles, the other 6 are the 12 meter-long Solaris Urbino 12 electric. The two-segment buses will be delivered to the capital of Greater Poland first, while completion of the entire contract is scheduled for February 2020, Solaris points out.

Pantograph-equipped Solaris Urbino for Poznań

The Solaris Urbino buses selected by the Poznań-based carrier will be fitted with Solaris High Power batteries. In the case of the 12-metre Urbino vehicles, the batteries will boast a capacity of 116 kWh, for the articulated ones the capacity will be 174 kWh. Energy storage will be adapted to fast and frequent recharging using high charging power of up to 560 kW.

The electric buses will be suited for recharging by means of a roof-mounted pantograph and a classic plug-in device. The models supplied to Poznań will have plug-in charging sockets on both sides of the bus, which will enable recharging of several vehicles simultaneously.

solaris urbino poznan

Passenger information system on Urbino buses for Poznań

The Solaris Urbino buses for Poznań are low-floor vehicles. They are equipped with an extensive passenger information system, consisting of, among others legible directional boards, internal LED displays and voice announcement of stops. For the visually impaired, the buttons are additionally marked with an inscription in Braille. To increase the comfort of travelers, the manufacturer from near Poznań equipped the buses with air-conditioning, energy-saving LED lighting and USB chargers in the passenger compartment.

«The first electric buses in Poznań have been launched today on passenger lines. This is a very important day in the history of city’s public transport – said Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of Poznań during the ceremony. – The city focuses on the high quality of life of its citizens, and an important element of these activities is care for the quality of air. I am glad that the city transport operator, MPK Poznań company, has been consistently replacing the fleet for one that meets the highest requirements regarding emissions. The purchase of electric buses is the next step in implementing the adopted strategy».

«As in 1996 we delivered our first low-floor buses to Poznań, today we deliver the first completely emission-free electric buses for the capital of Greater Poland. I am proud of the fact that our company, which pays great attention to the development of sustainable transport, contributes to improving the quality of life of the citizens of Poznań» said Javier Calleja, CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

solaris urbino poznan


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