Ticketer Group will be attending IT-TRANS 2022, where the company will be presenting the latest innovations in Mobility as a Service and Account-Based Ticketing solutions.

IT-TRANS, one of the main public transport exhibitions of 2022, will mark the first time Ticketer and FARA come together as a Group in the event space.

Technology that can underpin seamless journeys will be the game-changer for public transport, helping to fulfil its’ true potential. «Ticketer Group sees several larger and exciting trends on the horizon that have the possibility to revolutionise our industry. For example, developments within Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the exploration of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), electrification and alternative fuel consumption for a more sustainable transport network as well as better use of data for smarter operations» the UK-based company says in a press note announcing they’ll take part to UITP-backed exhibition.

Ticketer at IT-TRANS: focus on Account-Based Ticketing

Next generation Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) offers the level of technological innovation that brings improved operational benefits and important advantages for both drivers and passengers. This is a subject that will be in focus for Ticketer Group at the conference, with an emphasis on next generation requirements and future innovation in technology to support efficient, cost-effective and sustainable transport.

John Clarfelt, Ticketer Group’s Founder, comments: “Our industry is undergoing enormous change in the way people move around and how they pay for their travel. Our solutions enable operators to provide these services and join up the technology to finally make MaaS a reality. We are already delivering fare-freedom with our range of payment options, together with multi-modal ticketing, meeting the future needs of the passenger today. All of this technology will finally position public transport as the most convenient, affordable and sustainable form of travel for everyone.”


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