Ballard announces a follow-up order from bus builder Van Hool: 10 fuel cell modules will power A330 buses in the Netherlands. The hydrogen bus fleet will operate in Emmen under the JIVE2 funding program.

To date, Van Hool fuel cell buses have travelled for 10 millions kilometres. 141 vehicles have been sold (delivered or on order).

Ballard fuel cell modules for Van Hool buses

Ballard says it plans to deliver the 10 fuel cell modules in 2021. These will power 10 Van Hool A330 models that are planned for deployment in Groningen-Drenthe with Qbuzz, the public transport agency in Emmen, by 2022. Shell has been contracted to build a hydrogen refueling station and is also working on development of a 10-megawatt plant for onsite production of green hydrogen. Emmen’s fuel cell bus fleet is expected to use 60-to-90 tons of green hydrogen annually.

The hydrogen bus Van Hool A330 carries up to 74 people and has a range of 350-to-400 kilometers (220-to-250 miles) between hydrogen refuelings according to the producer.

Filip Van Hool, CEO of Van Hool said, “We are keen to deploy more Fuel Cell Electric Buses, powered by Ballard, in European cities. The successful integration of Ballard products into our buses, including the A330, has enabled progress toward commercialization of fuel cells in public transportation. We expect continued market penetration and growth of zero-emission fuel cell buses throughout the EU.”

Rob Campbell, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer noted, “Ballard is delighted to continue our collaboration with Van Hool and we are very pleased to now provide fuel cell power modules for additional buses to be deployed in The Netherlands. With these buses Ballard will have powered more than 100 Van Hool FCEBs operating in The Netherlands – including the cities of Groningen and Emmen – and in France, Germany, Norway, Belgium and Denmark.”


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