The public transport operator of Wiesbaden chose Caetano to deliver 10 hydrogen buses in the last quarter of 2021. In Germany the Portuguese producer has already been selected as the supplier to deliver four hydrogen buses to Bielefeld’s Transport Company and supplied two hydrogen buses to the eFarm Project.

In Wiesbaden the 12-meter fuel cell bus units will be operated by ESWE Verkehr, the public transport operator of Wiesbaden, on the routes 16 and 17. The same operator has ordered as many as 56 units of Mercedes eCitaro.

fuel cell buses wiesbaden

Ten Caetano fuel cell buses for Wiesbaden

The ten 2-door H2.CityGold units will be equipped with a Toyota fuel cell, a battery pack with 44 kWh and a Siemens mid-engine with 180 kW peak power. The type IV tanks will have a total capacity of 37.5kg to offer a drive range over 400 kilometres.

 “As part of the tender for 10 fuel cell buses for Wiesbaden, we also had the opportunity to test an H2.CityGold from Caetano for three days during the award procedure. Overall, we were able to rate the mastering of the topography in our route network (as a special challenge), driving tests at our driving school, an assessment of the technical configuration and its processing as positive. After evaluating the award criteria, the 10 H2.CityGold has been ordered and we are looking forward to being able to integrate the vehicles into our fleet at the end of 2021” said by Dietmar Schneider, Head of the Technical Operations and Infrastructure Divison at ESWE Verkehr.

“We are extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to supply our hydrogen buses to Wiesbaden, and to be able to be part of their zero-emission transport development process” said Patricia Vasconcelos, CEO at CaetanoBus.


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