Everfuel has been awarded contract for constructing and commissioning of a heavy-duty hydrogen refuelling station in Wuppertal, Germany.

After a European-wide tendering procedure, WSW mobil GmbH has awarded Everfuel GmbH the contract for a hydrogen refuelling station that will serve a fleet of fuel cell buses for public transportation

In April 2020 2.3 million euros of fundings have been awarded from the North Rhine-Westphalia State Ministry of Transport to WSW Mobil and AWG to step up on hydrogen bus deployment. 15 hydrogen buses by Solaris have been commissioned in Cologne and ten further units in Wuppertal. Van Hool hydrogen buses are already in operation.

150 fuel cell buses expected in Wuppertal by 2030

WSW mobil GmbH is planning a ramp-up to an estimated 150 fuel cell buses by 2030. To meet these ambitious expansion plans, Everfuel is now building WSW’s second hydrogen filling station at the WSW depot Hölker Feld.

It is the second contract in Germany for Everfuel GmbH for a hydrogen refuelling station for fuel cell buses since the company was founded at the beginning of 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Everfuel A/S from Denmark.

The planned hydrogen refuelling station has a daily capacity for refuelling at least 20 fuel cell buses. It is modular, so that the station can easily be expanded to refuel a larger number of hydrogen buses.

Everfuel to build hydrogen filling station in Wuppertal

In connection with the project “H2-W – Hydrogen Mobility for Wuppertal”, WSW mobil GmbH is already operating 20 fuel cell buses in regular service and look forward to transitioning a larger part of the fleet to zero-emission solutions.

“WSW is one of the pioneers in the deployment of fuel cell buses in public transport in Germany and Europe. We are very pleased to be able to jointly advance zero-emission transportation even further and to be able to support WSW in its ambitious goals with a high-performance and reliable hydrogen infrastructure,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO at Everfuel.

“Together with WSW we are making our way into the German market, where we continuously will assist in the decarbonisation journey WSW is on by providing the needed infrastructure,” says Jens Conrad, Business Development Manager, Everfuel Germany. 

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