Hitachi Energy and battery manufacturer Yinlong Energy will be partnering with Emirates Global Motor Electric (EGME), part of Al Fahim Group and the regional distributor of Yinlong energy for the Middle East and Africa, to support electric mobility initiatives in Abu Dhabi.  The aim of the partnership is to turn the capital into a more eco-friendly and carbon-neutral city, the partners say.

With this collaboration, EGME expands its role for the Middle East and Africa as the regional distributor of Yinlong’s e-mobility coupled with smart charging solutions from Hitachi Energy.

Hitachi Energy (the brand was launched in October) has reached an agreement with the UK-based startup Arrival. The company is sponsor of the Sustainable Bus Tour 2021 and has taken part to the webinar “The electric depot. Charging and managing large e-bus fleets”.

A cooperation Hitachi Energy, EGME, Yinlog Energy

As part of the collaboration between Hitachi Energy, Emirates Global Motor Electric and Yinlong Energy, Hitachi Energy will provide its Grid-eMotion smart charging solution (that comprises Fleet and Flash applications) for public transportation and commercial vehicles to the Abu Dhabi based EGME.

The Grid-eMotion Fleet is a space-saving grid-to-plug charging solution that can be installed in existing depots and scaled flexibly as the fleet gets greener. Grid-eMotion Flash (formerly known as TOSA) enables operators to flash-charge buses within seconds at passenger stops and fully recharge within minutes at the route terminus, without interrupting the bus schedule. Grid-eMotion solutions are already operating or under development in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, China, India and Pakistan.

Hitachi Energy, public transport decarbonization in Abu Dhabi

The three partners «are working together to create a technology hub in the region to showcase e-mobility solutions to accelerate the evolution of the Middle East and Africa sustainable journey».

“We are honored to be part of this initiative as we are committed to advancing sustainable mobility. We strongly believe in the future of electricity as the backbone of the entire energy system to accelerate sustainable economic growth and to enhance circular economy,” said Mostafa Al Guezeri, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy for the UAE, Gulf, Near East and Pakistan.

“With the UAE set to host COP28 in 2023, Hitachi Energy’s commitment to mitigate climate change and integrate more renewables into the grid is more and more evident. We are well-positioned to tackle the transportation industry’s biggest challenge and support the different pathways operators need to take to support the development of societies,” said Al Guezeri.

“We are pleased to have Hitachi Energy as our global technology partner who can support the infrastructure needs of our customers and partners,” said  Bilal AlRibi, General Manager, Al Fahim Commercial vehicles. “Grid-eMotion will be a part of the unique and comprehensive solutions provided to customers in the Middle East and Africa. This smart charging system will additionally allow us to maximize our operations. E-mobility is the future of transportation, and we feel privileged to be part of this journey towards a more sustainable future. This initiative also advances digital transformation in the UAE’s transportation segment. A first of its kind in the region, our Yinlong batteries have demonstrated their readiness and performance for operations in extreme conditions thanks to two years of extensive testing under harsh Middle Eastern conditions. We are now preparing to roll out in the various sectors seeking net-zero objectives with electric mobility.”


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