11 high level speakers, 1,649 registrations, over 1,000 single viewers. These are the main figures about the first event of the Sustainable Bus Tour 2021, on air the 6th May 2021. And now available online on our Youtube channel (and below).

Topic? ‘The electric depot. Charging and managing large e-bus fleets’. Being more specific, the questions the event was addressed to are: how to manage large fleets of e-buses? How to deal between the necessity of a sufficient daily range and the efficient distribution of the appropriate charging infrastructures? Slow charging or fast charging? With a background consideration: the transition to zero emission buses in city public transport must be based not only on a careful examination of current needs, but also an informed view on future scenarios.

The Sustainable Bus Tour has an ambitious goal: not just focusing on today, on what has been done so far and is being done today, but to provide outlooks on how the technology is evolving, in order to give a view on future scenarios

We had the great pleasure of hosting contribution from public transport operators TransdevKeolis and BVG Berlin, following a keynote introduction by Interact Analysis.

Concerning the industry players, the webinar has been featuring the charging infrastructure provider Hitachi ABB Power Grids, the telematics company ViriCiti and the depot management provider PSI Transcom. The utility provider Enel X and the bus manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach, the market leader 2020 in Europe in the e-bus field, joined the panel. UITP took part to the event wrapping-up the main contents from the sessions and presenting the projects on public transport led by the international organization of public transport.

It has been the first event of a brand new initiative organized by our media with the goal of discussing sector-related key issues and outlooks with the participation of operators, manufacturers, providers of components and technologies. With a keen look at today’s projects and the focus on the challenges the public transport sector is facing.



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