Via launches Remix Scheduling, an intuitive software solution with the goal of making scheduling smarter and easier for transit agencies.

Tech company Via has launched in mid September on-demand public transport offering BVG Muva in Berlin and has entered a cooperation with Iveco Bus.

Via launches Remix Scheduling for transit agencies

The launch is Via’s second major product introduction since it acquired Remix in March 2021, and represents another stride forward in Via’s vision to create an end-to-end TransitTech platform  for cities and agencies around the world. 

With Remix Scheduling, transit agencies “are empowered with a dynamic platform that simplifies driver schedules and assignments. Within minutes, Remix Scheduling proposes multiple scheduling options, so planners can easily implement the most efficient transit routes and rosters – which in turn cuts costs, retains drivers, and creates nimble networks that can change as a community does”, Via explains.

Remix Scheduling also makes it easy for agencies to comply with new federal regulations for standard data reporting. Starting in 2023, U.S. transit agencies must publish their data in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format so that it can be accessed publicly, including by apps that help riders with transit planning. GTFS data improves rider experience because it includes information like schedules and fares, as well as real time information on vehicle positions and service advisories.

With the launch of Remix Scheduling, Via’s end-to-end TransitTech platform supports every step of the smart transportation planning process — from strategy to service design to implementation, including operator scheduling — eliminating the need for agencies to invest in and master multiple tools, the supplier stresses.

“Remix Scheduling is another step forward in Via’s vision to provide the global transit industry with an end-to-end digital infrastructure to make planning, implementation, and operations more efficient and equitable for all types of communities,” said Nithya Sowrirajan, Chief Product Officer at Via. 


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