Optibus and Stoneridge have been chosen by Volvo Buses as new partners in the contexts of connected services and digital solutions.

Volvo’s aim is “The aim is “to make Optibus’ public transport management software and Stoneridge’s data and artificial intelligence fuel advice solution available to Volvo Buses’ customers in selected markets in pilot mode during 2024″.

Volvo Buses signs partnership with Optibus and Stoneridge

The Optibus solution is a cloud-native, end-to-end operating system for all public transportation management needs, encompassing everything from planning and scheduling to real-time depot operations and sharing information with drivers and passengers. The software has been adopted by 5,000 cities worldwide.

On the other hand, Stoneridge’s fuel advice solution utilizes vehicle generated data and applies artificial intelligence to proactively support and assist operators to reduce fuel consumption. It works by providing system generated suggestions for more eco-friendly driver actions without the need to manually process and analyze data. This solution is created together with Volvo Buses and key customers, the manufacturer stresses.

Focus on Optibus management software and Stoneridge fuel advice solution

“Our strategy is to create partnerships with companies at the forefront of digital development that will further strengthen our connected services offer. Both Optibus and Stoneridge today have solutions that will improve our customers’ businesses,” says Vinicius Gaensly, Business Development & Partnerships Director at Volvo Buses.

“Optibus’ software solution is an excellent complement to Volvo Buses’ connected services offering. We see great opportunities to leverage vehicle data to further enhance the value brought to clients, including better operational insights and an easier way of planning more sustainable, efficient services,” says Amos Haggiag, CEO and co-founder of Optibus.

“Through artificial intelligence, Stoneridge’s solution provides predictive insights to operators about their drivers and fleets performance, allowing for more efficient and intelligent decision making,” says Caetano Ferraiolo, President, Stoneridge Brazil Division.

“Leveraging partnerships is an integral part of our vision to be the most desired and successful provider of sustainable people transport solutions. By driving collaboration and partnerships with leading digital providers like Optibus and innovative industry actors like Stoneridge, we can support our customers’ transformation into connected, and sustainable people transport solutions,” says Marcus Anemo, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Volvo Buses.


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