An 8-meter e-bus for the cities, and a CNG-powered coach for intercity routes. Anadolu Isuzu is launching on the European markets two vehicles targeting two specific segments. An effort that shows how the company has been focusing on the development of new technologies for more environmentally friendly buses.

Isuzu Kendo CNG and Isuzu Novociti Volt have been developed not only in order to reduce environmental impact of transportation, but also to make journeys attractive and enjoyable, the groups says. They are both experiencing demo tours around Europe, where they are gaining the attention of short-distance intercity operators, school buses, tourism, and public transportation sector representatives.

Already 50 Isuzu Kendo CNG sold so far

The Isuzu Kendo CNG, designed and developed by Anadolu Isuzu R&D center and introduced to the market in 2020, continues its “Isuzu Euro Tour 2021” demo tour across Europe. It has already reached a sales figure of nearly 50 units in Europe, 30 of them just preferred by customers in France. «Positive comments and feedbacks of customers in demo tours are motivating us to go further with sustainable buses», Isuzu says.

Modern and aerodynamic exterior design, well covered CNG tanks, wide passenger windows and stylish parking lights take attention at first glance. Kendo was awarded as “gold winner” in “A’Design Award and Competition” which is the worlds’ largest design competition awarding best designs and products.

Kendo is also among the finalists in intercity segment of the “Sustainable Bus Award 2022” competition that focus on sustainability in the field of buses. Safety features, comfort, low noise level and environmental friendly engine are some aspect that bring Kendo into forward.

Isuzu Kendo CNG, also compatible with biogas

In addition to saving natural resources, the Isuzu Kendo offers high performance to users with its 8.9-liter, 320 HP power and 1,356 Nm torque CNG engine and ZF AT transmission. The engine is compatible with biogas as well.

1,520 lt type 3 gas tank cylinders provide high safety and long distance usage in one shot. Gas cylinders have superior thermal conductivity, greater heat tolerance and shock-proof features, Anadolu Isuzu points out.

The intercity bus Isuzu Kendo CNG has 13m length, semi-rise platform and up to 63 passenger capacity. Seat layout can be optimized based customer demand for wheelchairs area. Luggage compartment capacity? 7.5 m3.

«Compared to coach category buses, Kendo CNG provide a more economical solution (less operational costs) to the owners and satisfactory comfort to the passengers thanks to its functional and luxury features», the manufacturer says.

A list of technological innovations have been implemented on the Isuzu Kendo. Dynamic LED signal lights, LED daytime running lights, digital multi-functional cluster and smart safety features are some of them.  Digital multifunctional cluster provides full control to the driver by displaying vehicle related information on the multi information display. It allows the driver to focus on safe driving. Retarder, Hill holder, ABS, ASR, EBS, ESC&ESP are standart offered braking system. Based on demand AEBS and LDWS can be integrated as well.

Isuzu Novociti Volt: focus on battery-electric buses

Isuzu Novociti Volt is the first electric bus of Anadolu Isuzu. It is currently on a demo tour across Europe and it has been receiving great interest. Novociti Volt is designed based on NovoCITI LIFE platform, which is the award winning and well known product of Anadolu Isuzu since 2018. With its electric motor and redesigned outlook, Novociti Volt is ready to bring zero emission, lowered noise and modernity to the cities. It also offers great maneuverability, low operation costs and maximum efficiency with its 8 meters length. Roof-placed battery packs and carefully considered weight distribution ensure up to 52 passengers capacity, says Isuzu.

isuzu novociti volt

The Novociti Volt is driven by a 255 kW and 2,355 Nm electric motor and two battery options that meet different customers needs. The vehicle, manufacturer states, has a range up to 300 km with 211 kWh batteries and up to 350 km with 268 kWh battery capacity. It can be fully charged via plug-in in two hours, and the bus builder provides a 8 years of battery life guarantee.

Isuzu Novociti Volt: here come the 8-meter e-buses

Thanks to regenerative braking system, Novociti Volt offers extended vehicle range and provides 20% more efficiency, Isuzu says. Last but not least, the operators can also track drivers consumption performance with the “Driver Scoring System” and ensure the maximum operation efficiency.

In winter, powerful air conditioning system is used in addition as a heat pump, so ensuring effective and efficient climate control for the passenger compartment. Based on different operational needs, transport operators are able to customise Novociti Volt by selecting from a wide range of optional extras.

When it comes to the driver’s workplace, the ergonomically designed driver’s area, customised cluster screen and superior visibility ensure optimum safety in Novociti Volt.


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