Battery giant CATL has launched Tianxing, its EV battery brand for commercial vehicles applications. Together with the brand, two products for light commercial vehicles have been presented, “namely CATL Tianxing-L superfast charging edition and CATL Tianxing-L long range edition, which can achieve 4C superfast charging and a maximum range of 500 kilometers respectively”. 

And products are set to be launched on the market in order to speed up electrification across the industry. 

In April CATL has announced a new commercial vehicles’ battery developed in cooperation with bus maker Yutong.  The main feature of the new product is the long lifespan, as the partners claim “a lifespan of up to 15 years and 1.5 million kilometers”.

CATL Tianxing new battery brand for commercial vehicles

CATL will establish a huge battery cell manufacturing plant in Debrecen, the second most populous city of Hungary. This will be the second battery manufacturing base of the company outside China, after commissioning the first such unit in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany, as we wrote in our overview of battery manufacturing projects in Hungary.

The project, which is the biggest greenfield investment to date in Hungary with its total value of 7.34 billion euros, enjoys great support from the Hungarian government, in order to create an estimated 9,000 jobs locally.

The development of CATL Tianxing is set to “meet the needs of commercial vehicle users with regard to long battery service life, high efficiency and high profitability”, CATL states. The new brand adopts no thermal propagation technology and aircraft-level thermal insulation materials, according to the producer, that states CATL Tianxing battery can be charged at 4C pace.

CATL Tianxing, two products launched

CATL Tianxing batteries incorporate CTP (Cell to Pack) 3.0 technology and optimized topological structure. Meanwhile, it implements dual-layer large-surface liquid cooling.

CATL Tianxing-L superfast charging edition, CATL says, “offers 4C superfast charging and an 8-year/800,000-kilometer warranty. Equipped with a power capacity of 140-kWh, it supports a driving range of 350 km under actual working conditions, far exceeding the industry average. With a superfast charging speed of refilling 60% SOC in 12 minutes, the superfast charging edition can meet various freight needs. For suburban transportation or urban delivery, users can have a fast charge on the go, not only reducing waiting time but improving freight frequency and operational efficiency of vehicles”. 

The long range edition offers a super-long range of 500km and an 8-year/ 800,000-kilometer warranty. It’s equipped with power capacity of 200-kWh and features an energy density of 200Wh/kg, the highest in the logistics industry. It can also reduce the total weight of vehicles by 300kg, still according to figures provided by the supplier.

CATL says its Tianxing-L batteries have been used on 21 models from 13 automakers including Foton, Geely, Dongfeng, JAC, Weichai, FAW Jiefang, Changan Kuayue, Wuling, Qingling, Ruichi, Shaanxi Auto, Shineray, and SAIC Yuejin, achieving mass production upon launch, so that users can place orders immediately. 

Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, states: “As commercial vehicle industry ushers in a golden period of development, CATL Tianxing will be committed to maximizing the value of the commercial vehicle industry through technological innovation. We believe that true value breakthroughs in the commercial vehicle market center on the user experience. By reinforcing our core values of ‘ensuring reliability, calculating the costs accurately, and strategically planning ahead’, embracing an open innovation system, and harnessing technological advances, we aim to deliver transformative and comprehensive enhancements in value.” 


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