Domenico Nucera has been appointed head of the Bus Business Unit in the future CNH Industrial On-Highway business, which is expected to begin operations in early 2022. He succeeds to Sylvain Blaise (who will assume responsibility for the Powertrain Business Unit within the Newco), effective October 1, 2021. 

This follows CNH previously announced spin-off of its On-Highway business, the designation of Gerrit Marx as the Chief Executive Officer, and the appointment of Annalisa Stupenengo for Operations and Sylvain Blaise, as just mentioned, for the Powertrain Business Unit.

Domenico Nucera to be head of Bus Business Unit of CNH Industrial On-Highway business

Domenica Nucera has some 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, with  a strong industrial background and roles of increasing responsibility on the business and manufacturing fronts, CNH Industrial points out.

He served in the Powertrain Manufacturing function and, following his successful direction of FPT Industrial’s Turin Driveline and Engine plants, was promoted to Head of Quality and Product Support for Powertrain. He is currently responsible for Quality Powertrain and Head of Aftermarket Solutions for both Powertrain and Commercial & Specialty Vehicles.

Towards future CNH On-Highway business

Regarding the appointment of Domenico Nucera as head of the Bus Business Unit, Gerrit Marx, designated CEO of the new On-Highway business, said: “I would like to congratulate Domenico on this appointment. His broad qualifications, focus on customer service and work acumen have seen him prove himself as a capable and versatile manager, who understands how to address the needs of customers together with the demands of the shop floor”.

“And to Sylvain Blaise, I want to thank you again for the tremendous work that you have done in taking our bus business forward during such a transformational moment for the mass transit sector. We are pleased to confirm that Sylvain will continue to represent our future Company in France, a key market in which we have been present for over a century with a pioneering role in public transport – where we are the current market leader – and in which the On- Highway business continues to foster a strong manufacturing and innovation footprint.”


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