Indcar announced at Busworld the main pillars to its new business strategy, which involves changes in its production model, new product range and organisational culture focused on sustainability.

Next step? The launch of prototypes of the new minibus range with new Iveco chassis in late 2024.

Indcar industrial transformation at Busworld

This is why Indcar is working to establish new internal processes, which have entailed major changes in its organisation and product range, betting on CNG and electric.

Indcar says it has already been working since months for industrial transformation. The company plans to conclude the transformation at the end of 2024 in both its production sites, in Arbúcies (Spain) and Prejmer (Romania), focusing on the standardisation and industrialisation of production.

Gaël Queralt, CEO of Indcar, told: “The world is changing towards new ways of moving, especially sustainable ones. We at Indcar, in our constant evolution, adapt and anticipate these new needs,” Queralt stressed.

“These sustainable and safety challenges that we face today are Indcar’s goals. They have become our priority and our work is heading in this direction,’ added the company’s CEO.

The result will be the launch of a new Indcar product. “A new product range that will offer a more optimised product and industrialised process than ever before,” said the Queralt at Busworld.


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