The transport union of the Communauté d’agglomération du Pays Basque (France) has ordered eleven new Irizar e-mobility electric buses. The model chosen is still the Irizar ie tram, which is known as the Tram’bus in the Basque Country. They have ordered seven 18-metre-long vehicles and four 12 metre ones.

The 100% Basque Tram’bus, which was manufactured in Gipuzkoa, was inaugurated in Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz in 2019. As of today, it has transported a record number of 12 million passengers. “This is the story of a model that shows industrial and environmental innovation can work together”, according to Hemendik, a book about 50 iconic objects from the Basque Country.

Remaining in France, Orleans has also put their trust in Irizar e-mobility’s electromobility solutions. They did so in June of last year, when they made their second order of seven ie trams to their public transport fleet. Thirty-six Irizar ie trams are on the road in the city today.

irizar basque country

An improved version of Irizar ie tram

The new vehicles have new features and safety improvements, Irizar underlines. The new GSR2 ADAS standards have been included, which cover cybersecurity for vehicles. Furthermore, they have a “renewed generation of 470 kWh batteries of onboard energy, with lower consumption and a longer range”, in the OEM’s words.

In addition to carrying more energy onboard, the new batteries are compatible with the quick charging infrastructure available on the current grid. Another new feature is the new drive system that, with a lighter and more compact design, weighs 26% less. It also has a new digital HMI that is highly personalisable.

irizar basque country

From Pays Basque to Pays Basque

Manufactured completely in Aduna, Gipuzkoa in the first electromobility factory in Western Europe opened in 2018, the Tram’bus is the outcome of an order by the Commonwealth of agglomération du Pays Basque from the Basque company Irizar e-mobility. The electric batteries that power the vehicles are manufactured on site, and the factory also supplies all the infrastructure systems needed for charging, drive systems and energy storage.

The transport union of the Communauté d’agglomération du Pays Basque has just made this new order in the framework of the expansion of line T2 of the Tram’bus and the increase of frequency of line T1.

The route of the T2 line, which is currently 8.5 kilometres, connects Tarnos with Bayonne and has traffic light priority and preferred lanes. With this new order, the line is planned to increase five kilometres to 13.5 km, and the town of Bassussary will be included. Road construction began in spring 2024, and it will be finished in 2026. It includes exclusive right-of-way and two parking areas on the edges of town for 670 vehicles.

On the other hand, the route of the T1 line, which is 12 kilometres long, serves Bayonne, Biarritz and Anglet. Currently, its frequency is 15 minutes and it will increase to 10 minutes starting in January 2025.


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