Iveco Bus and Heuliez Bus sales team are joining together. The news, visible already at Busworld Brussels in October 2019 (where Heuliez Bus zero emission bus range was announced to be rebranded as Iveco e-Way).

On 31 January, as reported on the French media Mobilités Magazine, Iveco France announced the merge of Iveco Bus and Heuliez Bus sales teams.

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Iveco Bus and Heuliez bus: a step towards a closer merger?

Still quoting the article from Mobilités Magazine, Stéphane Espinasse remains President of the Iveco Bus business and supervises two General Managers: Rémy Foyer (until January 2020 in the position of General Manager Heuliez Bus) is now at the head of sales activities for Iveco Bus and Heuliez Bus brands, while Brice Bonavia becomes Managing Director in charge of the “intercity and tourism, minibuses and key accounts” division.

According to the French specialized magazine, the merge of the sales teams is a step towards an ever closer merger between the two companies.

Heuliez Bus, ‘electric’ deliveries underway

Heuliez Bus just released outlooks with regards to future increase of e-bus production in the plant of Rorthais: in 2020 Heuliez Bus expects to produce 500 buses (as in the record year 2013). More than one third of them will be electrically driven and belonging to the range GX Elec (137, 347 or 437).

The company resulted one of the three winners of the largest call for tender on e-buses issued in Europe so far, in Paris and is already delivering vehicles in the French capital city following a previous tender. In early 2020 Heuliez Bus delivered 11 GX 447 Elec in Norway.


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