Europe’s largest fleet of electric midibuses is in Luxembourg and bears the signature of Karsan. Now, again the country nestled between France, Belgium and Germany and the Turkish manufacturer are starring in another project: the national Hydrogen Valley (LuxHyVal) has been officially inaugurated, in the name of Karsan.

Yes, because the Bursa-based OEM attended the event with its 12-meter-long e-Ata Hydrogen, currently the only H2-portfolio vehicle. A vehicle destined in the near future to be joined by other vehicles with hydrogen technology.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş said: «As Karsan, we are pleased to be a partner of this project, which supports LuxHyVAL goal of creating 10 per cent of the public transport fleet from hydrogen vehicles. With our e-Atak model in Luxembourg, we closed the year as the leader of the electric bus market with a share of 38 percent. While we continue to contribute to public transport in line with our zero-emission targets, we are also taking important steps in hydrogen technology. Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are seen as a significant advantage in the fight against global warming and climate change, and the European Union, in particular, offers substantial policies and support to encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles. We aim to be a pioneer in this transformation with our vehicles like the e-Ata Hydrogen, which boasts the best features in its class».


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