The largest electric midibus fleet in Europe? It is made of 89 Karsan e-Atak, ready to be deployed in Luxembourg. The Turkish brand has been delivering 8-meter e-buses to the country’s operators (the main are Sales-Lentz and Voyages Emile Weber) since a few time. On 17th July the whole fleet of 89 e-Atak vehicles will be launched on RGTR lines, that connect Luxembourg’s towns to the capital city.

The e-Atak will then be operating on intercity routes. Luxembourg’s government has the goal of decarbonizing all RGTR lines by 2030.

karsan e-atak luxembourg

89 Karsan e-Atak in Luxembourg

Karsan has launched on European streets 66 e-buses in 2019, 107 in 2020, 133 in 2021 and has the goal of tripling this latter figure in 2022. e-Jest and e-Atak, presented in 2018 and 2019, have been followed by the e-ATA range, launched last year.

«Since 2018, for our bus range, we are investing only in zero emission technologies. France and Romania are among the main countries we are targeting. But the focus is on the whole Europe», stated Okan Baş, Karsan’s CEO, during a press conference held in the morning of today, 7th July. The press conference was the opening of a one-day event that involved the main European trade media.

karsan e-atak luxembourg

HCI representing Karsan in France and Luxembourg

The tender won in Luxembourg is the outcome of the cooperation between Karsan and HCI group, which entered into a joint venture with Karsan and represent the Turkish brand on the French market, in Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland.

31 vehicles are operating by Sales-Lentz, a pioneer in energy transition with 120 e-buses out of a 475-units bus fleet. 13 electric bus manufacturers are represented in the fleet, with Karsan enjoying, following this latest delivery, the largest share. Sales-Lentz depot in Bascharage was equipped nearly four years ago with a multi-standard charging solution by Heliox.


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