Lion E-Mobility has achieved a 12 million euros battery pack order from Karsan. The order has been contracted by the German Lion Smart Production GmbH, totally owned by Lion E-Mobility.

The contract “encompasses around 6 million € in firm orders to be delivered in 2024”, Lion states in a press note: “Additionally, with a floating component of around 6 million € the agreement allows for flexibility to accommodate the evolving needs of Karsan and the rapidly expanding market for electric buses. The additional order is also expected to be delivered in 2024”.

Karsan buys batteries from Lion

It has not been specified on which models Lion battery will be mounted. So far Karsan has been sourcing battery modules from Chinese giant CATL for the e-bus range e-ATA launched in 2021 (and BMW from the shortest in the range e-Jest).

Trade agency Electrive notes that “Lion Smart relocated its production from Dingolfing in Bavaria to Hildburghausen in southern Thuringia in 2023. According to the company, it can assemble around 200 battery packs per day or 50,000 battery packs per year in the assembly opened in June. Lion purchases battery cells and will include cells from the Chinese manufacturer SVOLT – with both NCM and LFP-based cells – by mid-2024″.

“We are thrilled to announce this contract with Karsan, deepening the partnership,” said Joachim Damasky, CEO of Lion. “This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to shaping a future where clean, electric transportation is the norm. By joining forces, we are poised to make a significant impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a more sustainable world for generations to come.”


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