UK-based bus manufacturer Mellor foresees 2023 turnover to exceed £85M, with Bus Division expected to achieve an output of 900 units in 2023. Such growth has been underpinned by a 40% workforce growth since 2019. Mellor is ready to unveil its 9-meter and 12-meter models at Busworld Europe.

The impact of Mellor’s success resonates strongly in Sweden. A standout case study involves Mellor’s development of a custom product for Gothenburg’s demand response transport. A fleet of 46 vehicles underscores this accomplishment. 

Mellor Sigma on pilot in Europe

Further, strides have also been made in other European territories, with a demonstration programme running in key cities including Munich, Vienna, and Barcelona

In particular, Mellor states it has made significant strides in the DACH region (Central European countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), with the successful delivery of three Sigma 7 vehicles to the city of Kiel in Germany.  

The expansion of distributor networks has amplified Mellor’s reach, while enhancing the aftersales team has enhanced the customer experience.  

A substantial investment of £15 million has been pivotal in yielding cutting-edge product development.

Mellor’s trajectory into the future is marked by dynamic plans. “These plans encompass exploring new markets while tailoring the product range to cater to diverse needs. The company is committed to delivering bespoke solutions that address the unique requirements of different countries, reflecting adaptability and customer focus. Continuous development of electric vehicles, in tandem with emerging technologies, ensures Mellor’s leadership in innovation”, Mellor states. 

Gustavo Marqueta, Group Business Development Director of WN VTech, celebrated Mellor’s expansion, stating: “Engineering excellence, agility and the ability to continuously improve based on customer feedback have paved the way for our remarkable growth. This transformation allowed us to explore new markets and pioneer sustainable solutions, showcased by Mellor’s resilience during the pandemic, notably with the Sigma range. Our integration within the broader WN VTech group reflects a shared focus on engineering prowess and attracts synergies in a myriad of supply chain and manufacturing areas. Mellor’s investment shift, particularly since the introduction of the Sigma range in 2020, underlines our dedication to driving positive societal change and propelling sustainable vehicle technology into the future.” 


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