The Rampini Eltron has made its debut on the Italian market. On the Santa Margherita – Portofino route (Liguria), line 782 operated by AMT Genoa, four units of Rampini’s new zero-emission buses went into service. The news is reported on Italian specialized magazine AUTOBUS.

The four newly deployed Eltron buses enrich AMT’s fleet, which now comprises a total of 39 Rampini electric buses, making it the largest circulating fleet of e-buses produced by Rampini in Europe.

Rampini Eltron, the new model following the E80

The Rampini Eltron features three doors, a width of 2.2 meters, and a passenger capacity of up to 46 people. Compared to its predecessor, the Eltron boasts new, high-performance and lightweight batteries with an installed power of 280 kWh. Positioned on the roof, the eight battery modules power the electric motor, by Dana, which delivers a 200 kW power output. The onboard electronics are state-of-the-art, and the traditional rearview mirrors have been replaced with innovative MirrorCam systems. Another notable feature is the precise length of 8 meters, approximately 20 centimeters longer than previous models (the widely known E80), achieved by adjusting the front overhang, resulting in improved safety and comfort standards for the driver.

Rampini – AMT, a new delivery of e-buses

“Rampini has been a pioneer on the frontier of electric mobility. We have invested significantly in developing a new range of products and unprecedented zero-emission mobility services. With this latest delivery to AMT Genova, we reaffirm our full commitment to providing increasingly sustainable mobility” stated Caterina Rampini, Vice President and CEO of Rampini Carlo SpA.

Ilaria Gavuglio, President of AMT, remarked, “AMT has taken a truly significant step forward in our electric project, aiming for a 100% green service with the dual goal of reducing climate emissions and developing a sustainable offering that meets the needs of citizens.”


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