Renault Master City Bus H2-TECH. This is the name of the hydrogen-powered urban minibuses realized by Renault Group’s subsidiary PVI, specialist in development and production of industrial vehicles with electric, hybrid, hydrogen or compressed natural gas (CNG) powertrains. The vehicles will be exhibited at UITP Summit 2023 from 4 to 7th June in Barcelona.

It features 30 kW fuel cell, a 33 kWh Li-Ion traction battery and a tank containing 4.5 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar. 

Renault Master City Bus H2-TECH: the launch in Barcelona

PVI states it is “currently establishing a solid European network of independent dealers already active in the minibus segment. This network will be used not only for the retail of the City Bus H2-TECH, but also for more new minibus versions planned to hit the market soon”.

6 meters long and 2 meters wide, also designed to allow an easy and safe access for people with reduced mobility thanks to a flat and integral low floor, the Renault Master City Bus H2-TECH can carry 15 passengers with 10 seats, together with a stated daily range of up to 300 km and 5 minutes refueling time. 

Manufactured in France, the model couples an electric powertrain from the Renault’s technology and a hydrogen system from the HYVIA’s technology, both integrated by PVI. 

HYVIA is a joint-venture between the Renault Group and Plug, a worldwide leader of hydrogen solutions, offering a unique and complete ecosystem for hydrogen mobility that includes Renault Master Van H2-TECH, Renault Master City Bus H2-TECH and soon Renault Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH. 


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