Bergkvarabuss is in charge of public transport services in the town of Strängnäs, about 90 km west of Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to 34 Scania electric and biogas buses, Scania delivers complete workshop and depot services – including charging infrastructure for the battery electric (BEV) buses. Six e-buses are expected to be in operation in the city. The new Scania Citywide BEV was presented to the press last week.

The charging system solution is delivered by Scania, with components from Wennstrom Fuel Systems and Kempower (that in early 2022 was appointed as Scania’s official supplier of DC fast charging equipment). Scania is coordinating and supplies system support for operational and energy optimisation, using Scania Fleet Management and Kempower ChargEye depomaster. The biogas is produced within the county limits, only 75 km from the depot, so all vehicle energy is sourced from a close range.

Bergkvarabuss scania e-buses delivered

Scania delivering charging infrastructures in Strängnäs

In the future, Scania says, Bergkvarabuss wants to increase the number of BEV buses with longer range for more regional routes.

Scania “is trusted to supply the vehicles, the charging infrastructure and to run the daily service and maintenance in the depot, provided by the county traffic authorities, Region Sörmland. The operator Bergkvarabuss employs drivers and the service staff for keeping the buses clean and tidy”, the manufacturer points out. 

“It feels very safe to have Scania next door. With all the new technology installed comes a lot of new questions, but we can solve them quickly having the competence in the house,” says Bergkvarabuss operational manager Yvonne Thelenius. ”Our drivers are happy with this vehicle mix, the modern driving stations and the close cooperation with the Scania people.”

“In this transformative development we are adding know-how and experience in cooperation with Scania and other stakeholders. Our staff is very engaged in this and we have operational pulse meetings every morning with updates and inputs,” says Thelenius.


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