The first trolleybus model Škoda 32 Tr for Vilniaus viešasis transportas has entered the type tests and homologation process in Pilsen, the manufacturer announces. This milestone signifies big progress in producing 91 trolleybuses bound for Vilnius, Lithuania.

The contract with the transport operator, signed in May 2023, includes the delivery of 91 Škoda 32 Tr trolleybuses with a total value of over EUR 52 million. The order also includes a contract for the supply of spare parts needed for regular maintenance of the trolleybuses for the first 5 years of operation.

The fleet of trolleybuses is anticipated to arrive in Vilnius between 2024 and 2025.

skoda 32 tr vilnius

Škoda 32 Tr trolleybus for Vilnius on test

The Škoda 32 Tr trolleybus has begun a series of testing procedures, including covering approximately 2,500 kilometres on the streets of Pilsen. These comprehensive tests are crucial to ensuring the reliability, safety, and performance of the vehicles, confirming their readiness for operation in Vilnius. Each following vehicle will then travel 250 km on the streets before being prepared and delivered to the customer, Skoda explains.

These trolleybuses are fitted with advanced traction batteries, enabling autonomous driving for at least 20 kilometres. Additionally, the trolleybuses feature camera systems for enhanced traffic monitoring, as well as the “Mirror Eye” system replacing conventional exterior side mirrors. Finally, the trolleybuses are equipped with sensors on their side to monitor the movement of passengers around them.

“We have completed the assembly of the first trolleybus, which is now going through the type tests and homologation process. With an additional 12 trolleybuses currently in production and a production schedule aligned with our contractual obligations, we’re on track to fulfil our promise to enhance the public transport system in Vilnius,” comments Radek Svoboda, Managing Director Škoda Electric at Škoda Group.

“We have been working with Škoda Group for more than 60 years, during which time we have tested a number of public transport models. We are delighted that our paths have crossed again when the need to renew the trolleybus fleet arose and are confident that the new trolleybuses will ensure safe and fast journeys in the capital of Lithuania. The whole of Vilnius is eagerly awaiting the new trolleybuses, the first part of which will reach us this year and the second part in early 2025,” says Ignas Degutis, Director of Vilnius Public Transport.


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