EMT Madrid has awarded the tender for the purchase of 520 new CNG buses with planned deliveries for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as the tender for the purchase of 50 new electric buses. CNG buses have been awarded to Solaris, Scania and Evobus, while e-bus contract were signed with Irizar e-mobility and BYD.

As announced by the City Council announced last December, as of January 2023 the EMT will no longer provide service with diesel buses and its entire fleet will be made up of electric, natural gas and hybrid buses.

Solaris, Scania and Evobus awarded

The awarding of the CNG buses, which had a base tender budget of 161.2 million euros, will finally involve an investment of 151.5 million euros. The procedure has been divided into three lots: the first, of 250 buses, has been awarded to Solaris Bus Ibérica.

The second, for 170 buses, has been awarded to Scania Hispania and its model Scania N280 CNG Castrosúa and the third lot, of 100 vehicles, has been awarded to Evobus Ibérica with the Mercedes Citaro CNG model.

Following the award of the tender, delivery of the 520 buses will take place over three years: the first 190 buses will arrive in 2021, and in 2022 a further 200 buses will be joining EMT’s fleet. A further batch of 130 vehicles will be delivered in 2023. This delivery schedule will enable the 383 diesel buses currently in the municipal company’s service to be taken out of service, EMT points out.

50 e-buses have been ordered: 30 Irizar ie bus models and 20 BYD K9UB, EMT says. In addition to this tender, the EMT will add another 50 electric vehicles and six electric minibuses, also electric. With this new equipment, the CERO fleet will grow to 179 units by the end of this year and the electrification of 8.6% of the EMT fleet will be achieved.

Solaris first contract in Madrid

Solaris will deliver 250 Solaris Urbino 12 buses fuelled with compressed natural gas to Madrid. The deliveries to operator EMT follow the awarding of a public tender and are due to begin by the end of the year and will be completed in 2023. This is the first contract won by Solaris (that since 2018 belongs to the Spanish group CAF) in the Spanish capital.

91 CNG buses to be delivered in Madrid within 2021

91 CNG buses made by Solaris will roll onto the streets of Madrid as early as this year. At the heart of the vehicles ordered by the Spanish carrier will be a 239 kW engine adapted to use compressed natural gas (CNG). The driveline will be supplemented by an automatic transmission to ensure optimal travel comfort for drivers and passengers. Five CNG storage tanks with a total capacity of 1575 litres will be mounted on the roof in the front part of the vehicle. This amount of fuel, and a reserve to maintain the required minimum CNG concentration, will allow the buses to cover about 400 km on a single refill.

The operator has opted for a high equipment standard in both the passenger compartment and the driver’s cabin. In the spacious air-conditioned interior of the Urbino 12 CNG buses, passengers will benefit from a modern and comprehensive passenger information system, USB ports to recharge their mobile devices and a video surveillance system to enhance safety. The buses will each provide space for 100 passengers. An anti-aggressive driver’s cabin has been designed according to the EMT’s standards.


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